York Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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York Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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The firm also suggests consulting with legal aid on litigation and dispute before the courts at all levels, administrative and civil. In all these years the firm has strengthened the relationships with leading lawyers in Europe and Asian countries.

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Specialist in transport and infrastructure Control, to private law relationships between market players in the transport and evolution from the competent public administrations. The work is prepared with reference to the execution and administration of infrastructure in favor of private individuals and public administrations.

The firm always lends a great deal of attention to the discipline imposed by the EU in matters of services liberalization, privatization, transport, labour, environmental, consumer, competition and, in general, of internal execution of most important policies.

Of particular importance is the work done before the European Courts (ECJ and CFI) as well as the activities of corporate advice in relation to those attitudes that are compliant with the Guidelines. The firm continuously monitors the procedures referred to it before the institutions of the European Union according to a structure stated in Brussels.