Worcester Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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Worcester Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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The firm is headquartered in London Milan, and perform its job even in the Courts of Pavia, Lodi, Monza, Varese, Busto Arsizio, Gallarate, Desio, Vigevano and Abbiategrasso. The law firm, which cooperates with a large number of Italian and foreign law firms, provides expertise and support proceedings in civil court, as competent in real estate law and in debt family, and dealing also with other materials (always under the civil law).

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The law firm is constantly involved in professional upgrading courses, to always ensure to its customers a complete, qualified, effective and avant garde professional support.

The Law Firm meticulously edited the personal aspect of the relationship with the customer, providing trust, confidentiality, utmost professionalism and promptness in processing of the received.

The law firm has a high and excellent work experience in the area of public procurement law. This experience ranges from the competition stage to the next execution phase, the supplemental materials such as expropriation, environment and territory, the firm provides support for competent legal, suitable for any type of cause that you put "before and during construction."

The firm provides help and support in key areas for business thanks to an in house expertise in support of labour law, criminal law, corporate law, administration and control of personnel, financial advisory and corporate restructuring.