Winchester Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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Winchester Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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Law Firm in London La Vegas Milan, offers expertise and legal assistance in civil law to individuals, companies and professionals. It is particularly focused on family law and children, separation and divorce, inheritance and gift taxes, road accidents, leases, condominiums, contracts, contractual and tort liability, employment law, consumer protection, immigration, debt collection, execution, bankruptcy.

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We are available for an interview perception of customer needs in order to find the best resolution and to calculate the next steps. The firm employs experienced professionals in the criminal law, administrative and tax law, and also professionals with confidence in tax, commercial, banking and legal medicine.

This allows us to offer to the customers a complete service. The firm also offers maximum affability to all professionals who needs clearance and/or replacements at the hearing on the Court of Milan. The firm was founded in 2000, thanks to ten years of experience improved in some of the most prestigious law firms in the court of Milan.

The study provides a court related advice (advice and contracts) and assistance at any stage of any trial. Helping the cooperation of outside professionals, the firm can also integrate legal advice for tax. The practices are treated in confidence personally and professionally with excellent language skills and professional obtained in the most important holes in London.