Westminster Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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Westminster Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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The firm created by over time renowned lawyers has seen the formation of several assistants who today make a safely and efficiently group able to guarantee to its customers a competent and detailed legal advice, where each professional is dedicated in a diligent and meticulous study and depth investigation of specific areas of law to be able to present to the customer a great and high professional service.

Bankruptcy Trusts and Estates Medical Malpractice Trade Investment Law

Employment law tribunals Rape Arbitration and Mediation Shelf Corporation

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Unfair Competition Credit Law Fisheries Law Manslaughter Industrial Law

Agriculture Forgery Structured Finance Law Extradition Law Commercial Ship Accidents

E Discovery Law Murder Criminal Defense South Africans citizens arrested overseas

British people overseas imprisonment Money Laundering Incitement Medicare Medicaid

Adoption Law Contract Law Family Law Truck Accident Liquidations Assault

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The team of professionals specialized on real estate law follows in detail acquisition and divestiture transactions, spin offs, financing, creation and development of large and complex real estate and real estate portfolio throughout the national territory. Regarding the area of Real Estate we offer our clients the following services:

Preparation, monitoring and analysis of sales and lease contracts

Resolution of property issues

Correction of registration at the Land Registry and Cadastre

Control of procedures relating to real estate practices

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Advice on the application and the cancellation of mortgages

Support in obtaining financing for a purchase

Representation of condominium owners in the assemblies.

The firm is able to satisfy the needs of the customer who is interested in buying at auction for residential purposes resulting in a real savings over the traditional market, is the customer who is interested in buying them for investment purposes, also typically speculative.