United Arab Emirates, Detention of a U.k. Citizen

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United Arab Emirates, Detention of a U.k. Citizen

The social security law, then, all cases in which discipline is the ability to work is on a temporary or permanent injured. Employment law is constantly evolving, as the legislature is particularly attentive to this matter. For example, mobbing has been particularly reflected especially in recent years.

Destruction of Property to Prevent Seizure Copyright Matters

Airplane Hijacking Advocating Overthrow of Government

Sale of Citizenship Papers Perjury Contempt of Court

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Second Degree Murder Money Laundering Subornation of Perjury

Certification of Checks (Fraud) False Statements Relating to Health Care Matters

The term mobbing was coined in the early seventies and then describe a particular behaviour of some species in the group surrounding a fellow noisy mind and assail him away from the pack. Mobbing is a collection of violent behaviour (psychological abuse, bullying, harassment, demotion, marginalization, humiliation, slander, etc..) perpetrated by superiors and/or colleagues toward an employee, prolonged and damaging the personal and professional dignity such as the mental and physical health, including dismissals, disciplinary sanctions, transfers, job’s changes, salary payments, injuries, damages. Individual attitudes harassing not necessarily have to reach the threshold of the offense nor be in itself illegal, but on the whole produce serious offensive damage award with consequences on the victim s wealth, health, social life.

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The firm grants assistance for individuals, government agencies, businesses and associations in all major areas of law (civil, criminal, administrative). We deal with specific expertise and over ten years of experience with labour disputes.

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Then we guarantee to the customer an excellent service to their actual interests, private or business, looking to that end to ponder, without prejudices, needs, expectations and possible outcomes of litigation and always considering the opportunity to advance conciliatory solutions in order to limit costs of any judgment.

From long time the firm give assistance on resolution of several disputes concerning the relations between individuals and acts as guarantor for the regulation and protection of issues concerning the world of work but also, in general, the entire civil law.

We always ensure our assistance for the recognition and protection of workers rights in matters such as the sale of business, but also about the professional conduct of the employee, as in cases of employee dismissal for misconduct or due cause.

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