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Swansea Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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In the area of family law the law firm is able to support legal services and it is based in London. The firm is able to ensure the best response to customer requests and to meet better individual case using the expertise and experience of all the years of activity.

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Family law is a branch of civil law that deals with family relationships and the various related issues, such as personal and property relations between spouses, separation and divorce, child protection. The firm consists of qualified attorneys for every situation and for customized assistance in all profiles of family law.

We find a specialized training in dealing with all the profiles listed below for punctuality and professionalism in the court premises where it is required a knowledge of the civil procedural rules both at headquarters and extrajudicial because it gives to its customers a wealth infinite knowledge in the various branches of civil law, through legal advice which are intended to prevent when possible any legal disputes, the experience gained over the years in a constant updating in the area of law and civil procedural law in order to make their own darkens to a rich heritage of knowledge obviously aimed at solving problems that are increasingly complex over time in such matters: family law, separation and divorce, inheritance, debt collection, contracts, procurement condominium disputes, contractual liability/tort , medical liability.

Admitted to the courts of London Milan, Monza, Como, Pavia, Trento and Bolzano. It is available for business addresses and estimates are made. The legal services offered by the firm are related to: adoption, child foster care, heterosexual families, cohabitation ceased, paternity disregard, filiations, parental restrictions, child support, marriage and cohabitation, property relations between spouses, recognition of children, separation and divorce, abandoned and adoptable.