Sunderland Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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Sunderland Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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The firm provides to its customers assistance and consulting on labour law, social security, accidents at work, both in court and out of court. The law firm deals with issues relating to various areas of labour law and social security.

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Over the years the firm has acquired specific experience in the area of occupational accidents and social security, employment management, responsibilities of the employer s contract and tort. With the distribution of domestic responsibilities and collaborations, the Firm is also responsible for: Civil and Labour Law.

The firm always provides advice and assistance to businesses of large, medium and small size, to entities and individuals in all major areas of employment law, private and public, industrial relations and social security.

Its professionals have expertise in the sector, and extensive experience, including in relation to various meetings, seminars, and conferences organized, ranging from court services, the initiatives of conciliation and arbitration, litigation management that covers all job issues with particular reference to the correct identification and qualification of labour services, individual and collective redundancies, operation of the organization, restructuring, merger and transfer of companies or business units, mobbing, relationship management to private and public, collective bargaining and national business.

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Contract labour service contracts, contracts of employment and independent, with particular attention to those of directors and top managers companies, incentive schemes and remuneration, non competition covenants, clauses of irresponsibility and stability pacts, manuals and business practices, ethical and disciplinary codes.