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St Albans Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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The law firm assists in front of most of the London courts spouses who want to begin the practice of separation by mutual consent with the support of a qualified divorce lawyer. The separation is the consensus for the spouses to live separately under the agreement approved by the Court.

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This leads to several advantages compared to a judicial separation because it is fast and convenient, determines minor trauma for children and allows the couple to set up a regulation of interests related to their needs, even for separation with fault.

The separation by mutual agreement builds on the agreement of the spouses of certain factors, these are: allocation of the marital home, the quantification of support for the spouse and the children, foster care of children, the allocation of common resources between the spouses.

The separation agreement is not valid if not prepared in accordance with certain approval and without the approval of the Court, our firm can help you with competence and skill in every phase of the courses needed to achieve the agreement on the conditions of separation, through talks and consultation leading to increase understanding of your rights.

Timing of separation by mutual consent: time to recognize the separation are usually fast. At the courts of the largest judicial districts (such as La Vegas London, Italy Milan and Rome) set the hearing for the presentation is always within 3 months from the filing, but time in smaller courts is usually reduced to 2 months, and sometimes less.