Spain, Arrest of a U.S. Citizen

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Spain, Arrest of a U.S. Citizen

The financial specialists lawyers of the bank district are able to predict in advance around the rational probability of successful outcome of the dispute and advise the client about the right way to behave. The firm has also experienced lawyers in alliance, able to assist client in the period of bargaining, with the aim to achieve quick results, avoiding prolonged and costly processes, our performances:

fiscal and tax expertise legal support to aspects of tax accounting, tax assessment on matters concerning the drafting of the budget and adjust to the establishment of businesses, regular reporting IVA, income declarations, representation at the tax commission, support related to tax audits, support for the declarations of succession and Invim.

Contract practice preparatory contracts, final contracts, for purchase, sale, permutations of businesses, shares, participation, shares, assets and individual estates. agreed and arbitrated, administrative practice accounting program, accounting management, possession of compulsory social accounting books, constitution of the balance sheet, income statement and accompanying notes.

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Budgets: common, extraordinary and consolidated. administrative practice and corporate administration, support in carrying out the actions of business conduct, management consulting, business consulting preparation.

Defence and protection of businesses. participation at the board of directors representing the property. creation of companies both in Italy and abroad, support for the representation of trust both in Italy and abroad.