Southampton Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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Southampton Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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The firm is a safeguard children, often unintended victims of disputes between parents. For this reason, the procedures of parental foster care, but also those that concern, however, the declaration of a state of abandonment and adoption are followed with rigor and accuracy, to ensure compliance with the relational and affective rights of children and adolescents.

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Scope of civil and family law are also the relationships and kinship relations. The main issues are applied to cases of hereditary succession and assistance to family members who for various reasons are unable to meet the needs.

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In relation to the disadvantaged such as people who are not autonomous or a totally legal institution was created to support the administration because they need to be accompanied in the care and management of their personal and financial interests to provide a concrete and immediate support.

The firm also handles all matters relating to the appointment of support interdiction, dismissal and disqualification. The customer in respect of his rights will never be left alone.

And in cases where the conflicting reports of the spouses result in harmful acts against one of them or their children with violence or harassment (family bullying, stalking) that prevent the normal life of a person, or violations of the measures the firm will have an advisory and assistance service appropriate to ask for damages in respect of the injury.

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