Sheffield Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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Sheffield Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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Among the issues that, nowadays, are more commonly the subject of disputes between employee and employer are: Individual Dismissals: appeal, disciplinary sanctions: appeal, Mobbing: action for damages, Project work. In order to provide a useful tool for users to each of these topics, a brief explanation was published allowing anyone to better understand the scope of the issues involved.

Breaking and or Entering Carrier Facilities Possession by Restricted Persons

Pirating Hacking Crimes Economic Espionage Drug Smuggling

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Concealing Person from Arrest False Bail Armed Robbery

Destruction of an Energy Facility Environmental Scheme Crimes

Racketeering Robberies and Burglaries Involving Controlled Substances

Drug Abuse Violations Registration of Certain Organizations

MOBBING: In our system, a piece of legislation governing mobbing is currently lacking. However, mobbing has been in recent decades a copious production of case law that has allowed us to delineate the essential character. Today, therefore, the term mobbing indicate all those discriminatory acts or conduct protracted, characterized by violence or victimization, in place of one or more persons in the workplace, public or private, against other workers, over or under ordered, which have as their object or effect a degradation of working conditions which may adversely affect the rights and dignity of the person, to alter the mental or physical health or impair the professional future.

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THE DISMISSAL OF THE INDIVIDUAL: In our system there are three distinct disciplines of individual dismissal of workers with employment contract with a non executive status. These are the disciplines of real protection, and protection required, only a residual, that of the free withdrawal.