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Generally observed the cases of annulment of marriage, let’s talk about an argument of great weight, that is divorce. The divorce was entered in Italian law number 898 of December 1, 1970 subsequently amended by Act Aug. 1, 1978 March 6, 1987 and Law Number 74.

Let us examine the characteristic points, noting that the law does not specifically talk about the divorce, but cases in which occurs the annulment of marriage or the end of the civil effects.

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They differ, first, the idea of marriage with regard to the civil ceremony celebrated with religious rites.

Relatively to civil marriage to Article 1 of the Act clearly refers to "dissolution of marriage", but for the religious ceremony is systematically transcribed talk of "civil effects resulting from the termination of transcription at the wedding".

The reason for the discrepancy is obvious, because the religious marriage cannot be undone by Italian court that may, however, mediate effects on civilians. That means that, while marriage is an act of power, whether religious, the only ecclesiastical jurisdiction, the marriage relationship is interpreted as a single faculty of civil jurisdiction.

In both cases, the annulment of marriage or the end of the civil effects are issued by the court when, after the prove of peace, it is found that cannot be maintained or restored the material and spiritual union between the spouses on the grounds stated by the same Law Article 3. Clicking below, we can realize which are the causes for which the spiritual union of husband and wife lack:

Using the case referred to in Article 3 spouses may jointly or individually request the issue of the annulment of marriage or the end of the civil effects of marriage concordat.

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