Portsmouth Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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Portsmouth Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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The work of the firm is well coordinated: selection of the property according to customer requirements, observation of its expertise and any other ancillary documents (plans, photos, etc.), visiting the property, the presence of interest in auction customer, the balance price in case of allocation, demand and withdraw transfer decree, issuing building practices if necessary.

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In case if the customer wishes to sell or lease the property the firm will prepare the drafting of the fittest acts (preliminary contract, lease, etc..).The professionals who are part of the Firm have extensive experience in the area of commercial law, corporate, industrial, real estate, bankruptcy and international, offering therefore a wide range of legal services.

The Associate firm operates in Italy maritime lawyer in several areas, judicial activities and court consultancy related more to the area of maritime law, transport and logistics, as well as the tourism and insurance law. A team that works with a detailed understanding of the legal disciplines, legal right of transport, shipping, tourism and commercial law, administrative and labour, along with several other important relationships with law firms and lawyers specialized in that area in Italy that provide valuable support to clients in all phases related to business activities and are an important aid to deal with legal disputes as well as supporting the conclusion of contracts, agreements, transactions and disputes out of court in general.

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The right of navigation is a regulatory system (both substantive and procedural) governing navigation and shipping. The materials associated with this industry are: navigation, territorial waters, shipping, trade, boarding crew, right port, ship insurance, support and guarantees of registered assets.

However, there are different legislative bodies, the various "Read Flag" shape as well as the nationality of the ship. For example, a ship flying the Italian flag in the Persian Gulf will be subjected to Italian law of navigation, with repercussions of criminal and civil order in relation to the discipline of the crew.

The uk courts may decline jurisdiction over vessels flying on foreign flags. The firm provides its clients with practical and specialist support in civil and administrative laws, the lawyers will guide the customer at every step, with particular reference to the areas of pharmaceutical law, maritime and shipping law, international trade and real estate .