Plymouth Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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Plymouth Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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Timing of separation by mutual consent: time to get the approval of the separation are often short. At the courts of the largest judicial districts (such London, La Vegas as Milan and Rome) the hearing is fixed for appearance usually in less than 2 months from the filing date, while at the smaller Courts times are often reduced to 1 month, and some even less time. The homologous always follows within one month from the hearing of the summons of the spouses.

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Italians spouses who are willing to engage in practices concerning joint divorce or fault divorce practices have been assisted by the firm in front of most of the Courts. In this type of procedure the assistance of a defender is required to begins when the spouses have reached agreement on all terms of the dissolution of marriage and then by consensus, in particular, especially on foster care and child support, the maintenance of the weaker spouse, the allocation of the marital home and on the division of common property.

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The joint application results in significant benefits for spouses: it is faster and less expensive, less traumatic for the spouses and offspring, and since it is based on a written agreement, allows spouses to enter into a settling of interests, having also included asset, created according to their respective needs.

Even where it has not yet achieved the harmony of all the conditions of divorce, our firm can assist you through mediation and counselling sessions, aiming at the presentation of an appeal signed by both. Joint time of divorce: time to get the divorce are usually short.