Perth Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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Perth Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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A team of professionals, divided between the office of Parma and Milan, which provides a broad experience in all areas of corporate litigation, the challenges of shareholder resolutions to handle the responsibility of boards of management and control, as well as the evolution voluntary jurisdiction under art. 2409 CC, and also all the contrasts in arbitration of the company.

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In the area of Banking and Financial the firm provides a wide support across the wide range of issues related to the sectors of the capital market, financing of the Project and all related to regulatory issues, as well as profiles of housing savings and individual and collective investments.

The firm provides support and assistance in the genetic phase, in the drafting and signing of contracts for the supply, procurement, distribution, agency, location, and also in the subsequent phase of execution of the same.

Contracts of Public Law

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Main work and fundamental vocation is that of support and advice to its clients in negotiating a wide range of business related contracts.

We show below some of the types of contracts on which the Firm is more usually called to provide services.

Contracts of Private Law

The firm provides assistance to private and public entities in the organization of the supply contracts, contract and sub contractors, and also in the next phase of contract management (ex. formulation of reserves in the area of procurement contracts).