Paris drug crime lawyer, criminal solicitor France

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Paris drug crime lawyer, criminal solicitor France

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The firm, exclusively of employer training, helps companies in setting up the employment law issues, including agreements with trade unions, hiring incentives, individual and collective dismissals, as integration and benefit law.

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The area has strengthened over time a strong qualification in issues related to bankruptcy proceedings even during the so called pre bankruptcy also helping its customers in the reorganization of relations with creditors and employees.

A specific area of the firm deals with all issues related to family law, civil law aspects belonging to the personal and property relations between spouses, the legal counsel of the parent child relationships, with attention to the delicate issues of child protection and adoptions.

The firm also manages all issues relating to the right of succession and inheritance in general, both of which related to the private nature of family businesses, and related matters belonging to the divisions, friendly or court, of the cultural patrimony, both private and corporate . The firm has a typical imprint mainly in civil, corporate and tax.

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