Oxford Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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Oxford Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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The right to health is all those circumstances in which the physician and health facility incur liability compensable: Obstetrics and Gynecology, difficulties with childbirth: neonatal hypoxia, shoulder dystopia, brachial plexus injuries, fractures of the clavicle, delay in completion of a Cs section, late in the birth with infant death, failure to diagnose malformations prenatally in time to perform an abortion, missed diagnosis of fetal malformations by performing ultrasound in the prenatal, therapeutic (by V month of pregnancy)

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Other types of carelessness in gynecology: missed diagnosis of tumors of the female genitalia, incorrect therapies for the treatment of infertility, non prescription therapies without appropriate controls (ex. prescription of contraceptive therapy).

Anesthesia, death in the course of anesthesia in operations, injuries during intubation or tracheal lesions (dental). Surgery: wrong execution of surgical procedures, informed consent: patients are not aware of any complications that may arise from interventions that are submitted, failure to eliminate the problem for which surgery was planned, ineffective assistance in post operative, failure diagnosis of diseases, wrong therapeutic approach to the pathology of the patient, perhaps with carrying out unnecessary surgery to correct the problem.

Ophthalmology: infection during surgery, wrong execution of cataract surgery and laser correction of nearsightedness, Orthopedics, failed recognition of fracture in the Emergency Department, improper performance of surgery for the fixation of fractures presence of infections given from the lack of sterilization in the operating room or inadequate hygiene rooms, incorrect diagnosis of myocardial infarction, wrong recognition of fractures, non therapeutic approach to treatment of diseases, wrong execution of surveys such as X rays (RX) or other more complicated tests that could highlight the key elements for the formalization of a correct diagnosis.