Nottingham Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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Nottingham Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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The Law Firm was born in London and it is a professional association that offers to its customers a comprehensive legal assistance in the area of civil law with specific reference both to the activity of court, both in the strictly judicial.

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Holders come from law firms where they have gained significant experience despite the recent constitution, the law firm already has a strong vocation of modernity and design: professional activity, in fact, is consistently associated with the development, research and education since the establishment of the law firm that has in London, Italy Monza and Milan home satellites in order to meet in person every need of its customers in the main law firm of Lombardia, the firm also operates throughout the country, with the collaboration of qualified local studies of equal prestige.

We do not act alone but within a global network, in fact, the key for success is not simplistic but immediate response to the needs of our customers, for that reason, we can give active collaborations not confined only to matter of law but also enriching studies of the accountants experiences, consultants and job training company.

We deal with labour law and offer advice and legal assistance to workers of all qualifications and industry; organize and promote educational activities on topics of general labour law . We are dedicated, more specifically, on counseling and legal assistance to workers in the area of organizational dysfunction (mobbing, straining, stress, etc..).