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Newport Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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The victim, male or female, is inclined to think that everything that is happening to their attitudes resulting from incorrect Tends to take back the stages of their relationship that led to this nightmare, and is hopelessly in order to analyze alternative ways that could go to escape such a dramatic climax, as if everything depended, and had depended on her.

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Finally the victim taken by guilt, could act trying to "catch up" and to build a kind of civil relationship with his persecutor, paying attention and listening patiently, trying to explain his case sympathetically, impulsively offering his moral support and psychological person friendly ...Unfortunately soon, psychologically, they realize how dangerous is the way inadvertently taken.

Another approach which often takes its place alongside those I have described here is typical of the victim of shame. This person hides other, himself and his own condition, running away from a social life and reduced to live in solitude and self isolation, foretelling the ultimate stalker:

Transforming the victim s life in a sort of cage unlivable, making he feel alone and trapped. Finally, when a state of dissatisfaction and fear come that forces the victim to constantly look behind, change routes, customs, friendships, even some people resigned to move home and work, but to lose the stalker their tracks , giving up pieces of their lives.