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Lawyer New York, Drug trafficking crime attorney

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The cancellation cannot be claimed if the spouses have cohabited for at least 1 year after cessation of violence or causes that have defined the fear.

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Error: is regarded as a cause of cancellation not only wrong about the identity of the other spouse, but also the fundamental error (i.e., who has given consent) on personal qualities which relate to:

a. Presence of a physical or mental illness or abnormality, or sexual deviation, which hinders the development of married life.

b. Presence of a condemnation for wilful murder (that is, conscious and voluntary) to imprisonment not exceeding 5 years.

c. The notice of delinquency usual or professional.

d. The penalty for a sentence of not less than 2 years for offenses relating to prostitution.

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A particularly important topic is related to custody of children in case of separation, divorce or termination of parental cohabitation. The dynamics of the debate is not only due to the sad certainty of increasing cases of rupture of the family unit, especially after the entry into force of Law No 8 February 2006. 54.

The latter, as we shall see, pursues as its primary objective the involvement of parents in accordance with their duties to their offspring, thus averting the risk of complicating the project fails to pair with its obligations as a father or mother, that continue even after a separation or divorce.

The rights and obligations between parents and children are not part of the relationship between spouses and their value and nature, totally different, because emerged directly from the parent child relationship that is also protected in the Constitution (Articles 29 and 30 of the Constitution).

It is customary that custody of children, particularly if very small, being placed in favour of the mother. There may be rare cases in which, or by agreement between the spouses, or to support more effectively the interests of the child, the award is given to the father. There is also the so called joint or alternate custody. In these cases, the tasks and the sins of the parents are broken down properly.