Lawyer Memphis, Drug trafficking crime attorney

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Lawyer Memphis, Drug trafficking crime attorney

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The experienced lawyers of the financial banking department are able to articulate reasonable estimates of the likelihood of successful outcome of the dispute and advise the customer on the right conduct to be adopted.

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The firm also developed in competent lawyers understanding, able to help the customer in the negotiation phase, in order to achieve quick results, avoiding the creation of long and expensive process, our services: Expertise fiscal and taxation support on legal aspects tax accounting, tax issues relating to control in compiling the budget and routine control of companies, notification periodic VAT returns, tax returns, representation before the Tax Commission, support during tax audits, support for the declarations of succession and Iim.

Expertise Contract Contract preparation, final contracts for purchase, sale, barter companies, shares, membership, shares, assets and individual assets. Transactions and arbitrations. Expert administrative program accounting, management accounting, a possession of the books compulsory social constitution of the balance sheet, income statement and accompanying notes.

Budgets: common, extraordinary and consolidated. Administrative expertise and corporate Directors of companies, in support of implementation of the acts of management companies, management consulting, construction consulting company.

Protection and conservation of companies. Membership in the Board of Directors representing the property. Creation of companies both in Italy and abroad, help for representing trust in both Italy and abroad.

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