Matrimonial nullity Lawyer, Tribunal of the Roman Rota Curia

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Matrimonial nullity Lawyer, Tribunal of the Roman Rota Curia

Matrimonial nullity Lawyer, Tribunal of the Roman Rota Curiafamily law rome law firm English speaking attorneys solicitor

The Tribunal of the Roman Rota, the most widely known by its old name of the Roman Rota, is a department of the Roman Curia and the ordinary courts of the Holy See. The Roman Rota judges is essentially a Court of Appeals.

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The Court has different skills, most of the cases dealt with this Illustrious Court affects the procedures for the proclamation of the causes of matrimonial nullity, relevant to marriages celebrated in a Catholic ceremony, between two Catholics, or between a spouse and a Catholic atheist or other religious denomination.

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The appeal to the Tribunal of the Rota for the causes of matrimonial nullity is essential in any third degree of judgment, and instead is simply not possible in the first and second grade. The declaration of nullity of religious marriage, can be learned from Italian law through the process of "exequatur", and have civil effects.

The exequatur of the judgment shows that the nullity of marriage concordat should not preclude any other judgment given by the Italian judge, and has become final, it deprives the marriage itself and possible constraints connected with it, such as maintenance, except effects to the spouse in good faith.

No effect exposes the void act of the children who, if born in wedlock, will continue to enjoy the status of legitimate children, with all the associated legal consequences.” Man must not separate what God has joined," These are the official words when the priest pronounces marries a man and a woman.

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This confirms the indissolubility of the sacrament of marriage, that no one can undo in fact, even the ecclesiastical tribunal of the Rota, which is limited to proclaim ever held should it be established that has failed one of the essential requirements of wedding promise.

Once the reasons for which could be applied for annulment of a marriage were very few: for impotentia coeundi or impotentia generandi, for example, since the Church for the marriage is valid only if aimed at the birth of children.

Today, however, a judgment of the Court of Cassation ruled that the annulment of marriage may also be asked if you used a condom. Not so long ago, the Supreme Court ruled that it is possible to demand the annulment of the marriage partners for those who betray his thoughts.