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Lawyer Manhattan Ny, Drug trafficking crime attorney

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The law outlines the following cases:

Age: In the case of marriage of children under 16, or 18 years without approval of the Juvenile Court. The application may be made by those who did not have the ages of the law within one year after the completion of 18 years.

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Constraint before marriage: the marriage is not valid for those who, at the time of the ceremony, was united in marriage to another person with a valid marriage for civil purposes. Marriage not transcribed in the Municipality has no civil consequence, instead the marriage celebrated abroad has civil consequence, though not transcribed.

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Bond of kinship, analogy, adoption between spouses: the application must be received no later than 1 year after the marriage ceremony.

Crime: the marriage can be annulled if one of the spouses is imprisoned for murder or attempted murder of the other spouse.

Pin: the marriage is void of those who at the time of the ceremony was held disqualified for mental infirmity, or even if was mentally ill although the decision to ban was announced later.

Inability to understand and desire: one of the spouses may apply for cancellation if proved to have been incapable of understanding and willing for whatever reason, even temporarily, at the time of the marriage ceremony.

The cancellation request cannot be exposed if, after recovery of full mental faculties, the other spouse has lived with for over 1 year. Violence or fear: marriage may be waived if the approval to the marriage was obtained by physical or moral violence, or if it is defined by grave fear, caused by external factors.