Manchester Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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Manchester Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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A wide range of highly qualified professionals in their respective competence, some of whom hold academic positions at universities and public institutions, it’s natural for the firm to deals with private and public employment law, industrial relations and social security .

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Partial Birth Abortion Use of Fire or Explosives to Destroy Property

Protection of Foreign Officials Antitrust Stalking (In Violation of Restraining Order)

Domestic Security Blackmail Recording or Listening to Grand or Petit Juries While Deliberating

Bank Burglary Murder Committed During Drug related Drive by shooting

Solicitation to Commit a Crime of Violence Transportation of Slaves from US

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Retaliating Against a Federal Judge by False Claim or Slander of Title

Conspiracy to Impede or Injure an Officer Drug Trafficking Interstate Domestic Violence

Shoplifting Murder Committed in Federal Government Facility

The lawyer works with the major law firms specializing in labour and security law, providing specific advice on employment (and self employment) and social security, dismissal, harassment, demotion. The Firm has specific expertise in the area of dismissal, compensation for damage to health and mobbing claim for compensation or pay differentials, demotion, and in all other matters of employment law. The quest for reconciliation is the fundamental activity of our Lawyers.

The firm provides legal advice and assistance by issuing the letter of contact with the other party to attempt to settle, to assist in all phases of the transaction at trade union or at the Provincial Department of Labour. In cases in which recourse to the judicial authorities is absolutely unavoidable, the firm prepares appeals and briefs in proceedings before the Court Ordinary.