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The firm offers assistance to companies in the management of labour, supporting customers in connection with labour disputes and providing the necessary advice during the negotiation and drafting of company collective agreements.

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Management aspects of operating companies in the Corporate Restructuring, Corporate Collective Bargaining, Union Relations Information Consultation and Statutory Support for the management of labour disputes

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The Firm is a point of reference under labour law, insurance and counts among its customers and historical internationally companies and leading insurance companies. The firm also works as a correspondent law firms in LondonItaly: Milan, Rome, Genoa, Naples and Verona, also specialized in labour and insurance law.

Lawyers Italian labour lawyers still keep unchanged the philosophy that has always characterized the firm: to protect the interests of the customer through the quality of professional services. Having specialized in labour law and insurance contracts, over the years the firm has expanded its expertise in the area of civil liability, family law and transportation law.

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Through close collaboration with selected professionals, the firm is now able to address other issues in other areas such as bankruptcy, real estate, tax, succession and leases. Negotiation of terms and conditions of work, examination of labour cards, Drafting of regulations, disciplinary work, consultants handling procedures, resolution of labour relations and related disciplinary procedures, Update on labour legislation, legislation on safety in the workplace, argue before the courts and labour courts, resignation of incentive agreements, Statement to the application required, Rationalization of the legal positions of the firm to workers, development of new management structures, interpretation, integration and modification of business benefits.