Kingston Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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Kingston Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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We paid a profound attention to issues relating to the subsidiary and the custody of minor children, because the Firm has specific expertise and specific experience in the process (click on the items for more information):

action for the judicial and consensual separation of spouse; joint actions for divorce or divorce proceedings for the dissolution or termination of the civil effects of marriage concordat, or joint appeals court to modify the conditions of separation or divorce, legal assistance and advice in family law and family mediation.

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In front of most of the Italian courts and assists spouses who wish to start the practice of separation by mutual consent but of course with the assistance of a qualified divorce lawyer. The separation by mutual agreement gives permission to live separate having a license agreement of the spouses approved by the Court.

In contrast, a judicial separation, provides many advantages as it is fast and convenient that means less trauma for children and allows the couple to a regulation of interest in accordance with their needs, even with character sheet.

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The separation is based on agreement between spouses consensus on some basic elements, they are, among others, the allocation of the marital home, the quantification of child support of spouses and children, foster care of children, division of joint property of spouses.

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The separation agreement has no value unless written about certain trappings and without the approval of the Court, our firm can assist you with professionalism and competence in every phase of the path necessary to achieve the harmony of all the conditions of separation , through mediation and counseling sessions aimed at greater understanding of your rights.