Ireland, Detention of a U.k. Citizen

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Ireland, Detention of a U.k. Citizen

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The support and consultancy in the work sector is essential and important in the context of a generic verifying to the institutional clients both in court that contentious. The firm, only as employer, assists companies in setting the issues relating to labour law, which contain terms with the trade unions, recruitment and support, individual and collective excesses, as a supplement to, and pension law.

The team of lawyers has developed over the years an important competence in matters concerning contests even during the so called pre bankruptcy supporting their own customers in the reorganization of relations with creditors and subordinated employees.

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A specific section of the law firm works on all issues related to family law, private law aspects relating to personal and estates relations between spouses, the legal aspect of relationships with the children, with great interest to the important issues of child protection and adoptions.

The law firm also deals with all issues related to the alternate and the inheritance rights in general, both privatized and in relation to family companies, and then the joint issues relating to subdivisions, consensual or judicial, of inherited assets estates, both individual and corporate.

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The firm has a character essentially and authentically expert in civil law, corporate and tax. The areas usually covered are: family law, alternates, business law, society, arbitrations, vacation, labour law, agricultural law, bankruptcy, civil responsibility derived from illicit, insurance, administrative law.