Inverness Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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Inverness Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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The firm is formed with the purpose of providing a valuable service to business advice, for the administration, protection and succession of businesses, personal and family, private wealth, combining various fields that include:

tax law and tax consultancy, corporate, business, management, finance company of ordinary and extraordinary expertise in finance and investment, equity, social security, housing and administrative, financial and corporate actions, the Trust and means of defence of property, management of complicated processes such as crises, improvement and reorganization of business nationally and internationally.

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The firm works with a conviction: Customers seek work and better for the administration of their business and their assets, taking account of the plan and corporate tax, corporate and finance. The scope is to facilitate these needs by emphasizing concepts such as the pursuit of excellence, a scrupulous ethics, seriousness and professionalism in the ongoing modernization and adaptation to the needs of the customer!

All services performed by the firm are addressed to Individuals, Families, Small Medium and large enterprises, multinational companies, institutions of all kinds, without distinction of production’s area, providing them with integrated expertise and competent.

The firm also takes care of the administration and organization assets of individuals, families and businesses, inheritances, the generational transfer of family business, offering ideas for operational protection, increase, control and protection of personal assets and business (Family Office) and offered as a primary interlocutor for the control of personal finance and business operations following corporate finance and capital (Acquisitions, mergers, corporate and financial restructuring, IPOs etc. ..).

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