Lawyer Indianapolis, Drug trafficking crime attorney

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Lawyer Indianapolis, Drug trafficking crime attorney

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Our primary goal of our law firm (criminal lawyer miami) is to clarify with all customers a relationship of trust, like in any condition to deliver the best possible service with the best results.

The lawyers who work in our firm are specialized in different sectors, civil law lawyers, criminal lawyers and more lawyers or marriage lawyers and not least those who are competent in a specific area such as engineers and computer fraud and fraud related to telematics.

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The professionals of our law firm exert activities and specialized consulting services, legal assistance both judicial and extrajudicial.


Crime against public administration;

Crime against the administration of justice;

Crime against public order;

Crime against public safety;

Crime against the public faith;

Crime against the person;

Crime against property;


Criminal enforcement;

Medical malpractice;

Crime in the area of safety and hygiene;

Crime, tax, corporate and bankruptcy;

Crime and environmental planning;

Human rights, protection of women and immigrants;

Privacy and information technology;

Defence investigations;

Compilation of opinions;

Compilation of complaints and lawsuits;

Constitution plaintiff;

Fine of unjust detention.

The law firm (Rome) has experts who deal mostly in Labour Law, in different increments applications (personnel management, insolvency, corporate governance, business transformation, exclusive industrial, labour relations, contracts, security and accidents at work).