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Ibiza drug crime lawyer Spain solicitor arrest

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The firm provides support in the area of intellectual property and copyrights, including the negotiation and completion of contracts, patent, know how, trademarks, copyrights, software protection, Internet and electronic commerce , and of course inherent in litigation.

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In particular assistance in the area of intellectual property is often given to customers who work in the market for design and marketing of software.

The firm offers in the area of administrative its services in different directions: the quarrel in front of the Administrative Judges as well as help out with the Independent Authority, local authorities and public bodies in general.

The firm is very active in supporting the delivery of public procurement procedures and compilation of tenders, in support on town planning and construction, including environmental protection and waste management.

The activity in question relates to both the usual disputes concerning urban development and housing, but also the delivery of public prosecutors, and the most recent challenges of independent measures of administrations. The support and advice in the area of work is important and relevant in the context of the overall control for institutional clients both in court that litigation.