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Lawyer Houston, Drug trafficking crime attorney

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A long experience in subtle matters of family law and child allows the Firm to provide business expertise and legal help in relation to all cases concerning the world of family and loved ones.

By way of example:

Matters concerning the establishment of parent child relationship, both legitimate and natural;

Foster care and adoptions;

Claim legitimacy;

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Proclamation of legitimacy;

Adoption of persons under age;

Adoption of people of age;

Management support person to be protected.

The disavowal of paternity;

Recognition of the natural child;

The judicial act of paternity and maternity;

The granting of illegitimate children;

The Court, after clarifying available remission partially impossible for lack of relevance, treated the remaining part, noting that the constitutional question raised in relation to compliance with international adoption was founded.

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In this regard, the Court granted that the process of motherhood in favor of the adoptive or foster care workers had been introduced by art. 6 l. December 9, 1977 n. 903 (equal treatment between men and women in labour), and that provision subjecting the same benefit to the non crossing of the six years of age at the time of adoption.

The question, that the Court has noted that the forecast included in the cited art. 6 l. No. 903 of 1977 of course was referring only to subordinate workers, since at the time of issue of the professional women, as well as self employed women, still do not benefit the maternity benefit.

On this point, it is then necessary to note that the process of maternity, adoption is now contained in the text only issued with d. leg. N. 151, 2001, in which were gathered all the provisions of help and support of motherhood and fatherhood.