Holland, Arrest of a U.S. Citizen

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Holland, Arrest of a U.S. Citizen

Our law firm, with a valid group of qualified experts lawyers and enhanced knowledge in the area of administrative law and public economic law, assists public companies, privates, public administration and international companies between public and private subjects.

Specifically, the administrative firm "London" gives support or legal assistance in procurement and licensing of works and government administration, acts involving public companies, privatization processes, procurement of supplies, local public services and business municipal utilities, public facilities on investments, urban and territory planning, cultural and environmental heritage.

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Our specialists, competent legal experts industrious in the sector of administrative law are fully included in working groups aimed again at the actions of M A and financial offering publicist principle profiles, primarily control and relations with employees in the area, for example, for corporate’s operations, public purchasing recommendations, implementation of devices of debt by public institutions, start of real estate funds of public support.

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The law firm assists clients in dispute before the juridical administrative authorities in each judicial degree, in reference to joint discussions mainly in these disciplines. The firm also provides its dedication to customer in relationships with survey authorities and with the other independent administrative authorities.

Then, the specialized inclination from the beginning is the legal assistance in matters relating to the accounts between public authorities and individuals and/or legal, we are experts in administration channel with public waters; historic and artistic assets, public and state assets; historic links, architectural, artistic, acceptance, facilitation and concessions; planning and construction, public housing construction, environment, consent to the emanations into the atmosphere.