Hereford Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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Hereford Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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Specific skills hinges on issues relating to the problems of businesses, leases, family law and, more intensely, to separations, divorces, inheritances.

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The firm provides legal assistance throughout Italy, thanks to cooperation with other firms. The firm is a structure for coordinated operation of lawyers that provides a functional and appropriate general service to businesses in the areas of counselling and legal assistance, divided into different areas that are out of court, both in Italy and abroad, where it surfaced main legal issues related to the activity of corporate business world.

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The team of lawyers working on the prevailing material, is structured in a dozen lawyers, located between the study of London Parma and Milan, and does all the legal work in the areas of civil, commercial, banking, business, bankruptcy, labour and insurance.

The firm also focuses and devotes a special section of advice and support for issues that are of nature: family, children and adoptions. The organizational effectiveness is set to agree on the timely fulfilment of the mandates related to judicial proceedings and ordinary (in every stage and level of judgment) and arbitrations (rituals, unorthodox and administered), and even extra judicial practices regarding contracts, achievements and disposals of companies, business units, transactions, arrangements, agreements, and equity investments, due diligence, helps in the genetic and functional processes of insolvency, of actions of corporate finance, corporate expertise and the audit.

The firm provides support and advice in various operations, such as the creation and articulation of society associations and organizations, the transition and the purchase of shares and securities, companies and businesses, the establishment of joint ventures and consortia, aggregation and divisions, corporate restructuring, debt restructuring and other corporate finance transactions (buy outs, private equity transactions, etc..).