Greece, Arrest of a U.S. Citizen

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Greece, Arrest of a U.S. Citizen

The law firm (London) is composed of specialists who are most interested in labour law, in the different energies used (internal personnel management, competitions proceedings, corporate administrators, corporate changes, industrial exclusives, relations with trade unions, contractual rules, safety measures and occupational accidents).

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The law firm provides immigration law support, technical assistance in criminal matters in the area of drugs, to the usual basic extrajudicial structures and assistance and representation in judicial public sphere (the work process, civil and corporate opinions in front of the court the council of state, the audit court and the tax commission) and private (arbitration), gives services of general precaution jurisdiction for companies, trade associations and specialist studies covering the whole period of the pre–litigation.

The performed task, proposed on the basis of balanced partnerships and agreements pursuant to art, comes in a personalized way and formed the real customer needs and provides immediate response to requests, suitability and competence in the sector of employment and business law, goes beyond the call without interruption to the availability, use of computer equipment, available to participate with other specialists and technical experts in the law firm or directly to the client.

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The sublime mastery of juridical English and Spanish by the specialists of the firm, allows the implementation of the above mentioned provision of legal support in prior similar in the inconsistencies of foreign or transnational companies.