Glasgow Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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Glasgow Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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In the physiological stage, the firm provides assistance especially in the areas of: human resources management labour relations, industrial relations, personnel reduction procedures, transfers of business, social safety nets in general. In pathological stage in the litigation lawyers specializing in labour and social security law guarantee that companies receive care each degree of judgment before the Court Offices throughout the country, thanks to the spread of the roots within the National Studio.

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Sale of Stolen Vehicles Destruction of Corporate Audit Records

Financial Transactions with Foreign Government Crime Aboard Aircraft

Possession of Narcotics Rape Penalties for Neglect or Refusal to Answer Subpoena

Probation Violation Obstruction of Justice

Failure to Pay Legal Child Support Obligations Commodities Price Fixing

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Reentry of an Alien Removed on National Security Grounds Transportation of Terrorists

The activity of the law firm of London Italy Rome, Naples and Milan as part of employment law includes practices aimed at regulating the working relationship between employer and employee or worker, considering the more complex situations in which it operates as the active depart union.

The service law firm works for all those people who have experienced or think of a situation of suffering damage to their image and professionalism for reasons related to the activities or in the workplace. Then, the firm provides support for firms and workers in labour disputes, advises Italian and foreign companies with operations in Italy in the drafting of employment contracts, assistance in dealing with the Social Security and other social security institutions.

Management of individual cases. In particular, our professionals are able to provide legal assistance in cases of: dismissal, alleged mobbing, damage to health, claim for compensation, unequal pay, discrimination.

The protection of employment, economic interests, freedom, dignity and personality of a worker shall be governed by all rules of labour law as a whole. The set of all norms of labour law have, therefore, the primary purpose of protecting employees, mitigating the worst effects of subordination and ensuring relations with the employer, the respect and promotion of economic conditions and constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.