France, Detention of a U.k. Citizen

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France, Detention of a U.k. Citizen

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The office also focuses on a specific area of assistance and give support for the issues that are related to: family, child and adoption procedures. The organizational efficiency is determined so as to reconcile the proper handling of mandates concerning judicial and ordinary proceedings (in every stage and level of judgment) and judicial proceedings (bounds, not bounds by judicial procedure and administered), and also of extrajudicial practices relating to contracts, acquisitions and sales of businesses, business units, transactions, conventions, agreements, and company holdings, function of two diligences, for support in the initial and subsequent proceedings related to competitions, measures of corporate extraordinary finance, corporate expertise and control of finances.

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The firm assures support and assistance in various operations, such as birth and organization of companies and associated institutions, the transfer and sale of company shares and securities, business and corporate sectors, the creation of joint ventures, cartels, mergers and separations , corporate restructuring, rescheduling of debt and other extraordinary financial processes (buy outs, private equity transactions, etc..).

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A team of professionals, distributed between the office of London, Parma and Milan, which offers a vast knowledge in all areas of the societies contrasts, from the challenges of deliberations of the assemblies to the operations of implication of management and supervisory bodies, as well as the progress of voluntary jurisdiction pursuant to Art.2409 CC, and also to all disputes in corporate editable in arbitration.

In the sector of Banking and Financial law the firm provides an extensive consultancy throughout the broad range of issues affecting the areas of capital markets, project finance and all of the relevant legislative factors, as well as in the protection of savings and individual and collective investments.

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The law firm offers support and assistance at the early stage, in the drafting and implementation of supply agreements, concession, assignment, agency, location, and through the next phase of their implementation.

The basic and fundamental task of the office is the support and assistance to its own clients in the stipulation of a wide range of agreements relating to the work of the companies. We present here below some of the types of contracts on which the firm is the most commonly asked to offer their services.

The Law Firm provides assistance to private and public entities in the planning of the supply contracts, concession and sub contractors, and also through the next phase of the administration of the agreement (ex. formulation of reserves relative to concession agreements).

The Law Firm provides consultancy and assistance in the negotiation, drafting and obligation of agreements that indicate various jurisdictional aspects. In particular, the Law Firm provides its services in two different languages: French and English. The study gives a comprehensive assistance in competition law, both in Italy and European community level.

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The activity evaluates the support for vertical and horizontal agreements in different areas of commerce and also the verification of anti competitive aspects in all proceedings relating to the purchase, sale and/or aggregation, and especially the judicial resolution and/or extrajudicial of the related issues of contention.