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Extradition solicitor England

There are many employers who do not regularize their employees, with the result that they are deprived of social security contributions and health cover for illness or injury. In addition, the payment of wages "in black" involves the loss of important rights of workers (ex. the salary during illness, the thirteenth salary, the "stability" of employment, etc..).

Lobbying with Appropriated Moneys Possession of Child Pornography

Abusive Sexual Contact Sexual Abuse of a Minor Torture Peonage

Identity Theft Misuse of Passport Hostage Taking Aggravated Assault Battery

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Female Genital Mutilation Bank Robbery Aiming a Laser Pointer at an Aircraft

Prohibition of Illegal Gambling Businesses Obstruction of Criminal Investigations

Other times the employment relationship, which in reality is conditional, is "masked" by other institutions (open vat, odd jobs etc..). In such cases the judge may order the work to the employer to regulate the employment and tax position and insurance . Note that regulate the employment relationship is an obligation of the employer.

It has no relevance if the worker agreed to do the work "black", by law, the employer s bargaining position of weakness. An occupational disease is determined as a result of harmful, slow and protracted, a labour or materials or negative factors in the environment where the work takes place.

Particular reference to the support and defence of companies in Employment Law. The firm aims the labour activity in all its variation, allows the focus to ensure the customer in finding a quickly solution and depth analysis of the case, leading to support its long experience in various organizational contexts.

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The complexity of the application of the Labour Law to each specific situation Company, requires high standards of knowledge, training and experience that can only come from a specialist activity. The expertise of the Firm was founded by long experience exclusively in the area of Employment Law, Litigation with activities, court and counselling.