Extradition in Nevada

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Extradition in Nevada

From the topic of layoffs (just cause, justification, beyond the period of preservation of the place, collective redundancies / mobility for staff reduction, discriminatory termination under test) to job insecurity, which rotates, as it is known, about the question of indiscriminate distribution of fixed term contracts (Futures), to cases of disqualification by the activities and mobbing, the Recruitment of People with Disabilities, often rejected or not compatible with the assignment of tasks for the subject, to situations of Labour Relations in Black is here ranging as labour law. Employers often use forward contracts to be "hands free", so that after a certain time, they can "get rid" of the employee, avoiding the consequences of a dismissal.

False Statement to Obtain Unemployment Compensation Genocide

Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction Medical Health Care Fraud

Reproduction of Citizenship Papers Violent Crimes in Aid of Racketeering Activity

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Bankruptcy Fraud Embezzlement Delivery to Consignee

Fraud Activity in Connection with Electronic Mail

Stolen Property; Buying, Receiving, or Possessing False Entries in Records of Interstate Carriers

But the law allows to put an end to the contract only in the presence of declared and proven conditions, be expressly specified in the contract of employment. In addition, disability contracted at work, giving rise to Disability and Disability and Accident and Sickness occupational pensions.

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Under the Labour Law and Social Security, the firm provides legal assistance for matters related to: advice on social security, labour protection and self employment, challenges to layoffs, severance pay and compensation claims recoveries, agency, project contracts, recognizing social security benefits.

Mobbing can be put in place in order, for example, to conduct the employee forced to resign, to prevent him from career, to lift him from office, etc. ..It is s realized in practice in pressure or psychological harassment, systematic slander, personal insults and verbal abuse, threats or attitudes aimed at wrongfully intimidating or demeaning, even in a veiled and indirect, unjustified criticism and hostility, delegitimization of the image, even in front of colleagues and to persons outside the company, organization or administration, exclusion or discrimination in the allocation of employment or discharge of duties, assignment of exorbitant or excessive tasks and still capable of causing serious disruptions in the physical and psychological conditions of the worker, assignment of tasks in relation to the professional disqualifying owned, systematic and unjustified impediment to access to news and information about the ordinary activities of work, unmotivated marginalization of employee compared to training initiatives, retraining and refresher courses, exaggerated forms exercise and excessive control over the worker s likely to produce harm or serious inconvenience, harassment related to privacy of the worker, consisting of sex discrimination, race, language, politics and religion.