England, Detention of a U.k. Citizen

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England, Detention of a U.k. Citizen

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offenses against marriage

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Affirmation of marriage by trick.

Secondary penalty and civil sanction.


Crime attempts relative to the family moral done with the advantage of the periodical press.

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Conjecture or abolition of state.

Status alteration.



Hypothesis of punish ability. Joint extenuating circumstance.

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State concealment of a legitimate or acknowledged natural child .

Secondary penalty.

Failure to comply the obligation on family support.

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The supposed penalties concern in global a person who:

1. Embezzle or squander the assets of the minor child or of the protected or wife;

2. does not provide means of livelihood to the descendants of minors, i.e. not capable of working, to the predecessors or spouse who is not legally separated for his mistake.