England, Arrest of a U.S. Citizen

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England, Arrest of a U.S. Citizen

In a job market increasingly varied and complex an extensive experience in the sector is required because of the dispute resolution The rights of workers, with those of employers, are protected and defended by a team of professionals specialized in the job activity.

Misuse of Visas, Permits, or Other Documents Bribery Crimes

Interstate Violation of Protection Order Bond Default Domestic Violence

Damage to Religious Property Harming Animals Used in Law Enforcement

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Hate Crime Acts Forcible Rape Tampering with Vessels Conveying False Information

Computer Crime Entering Train to Commit Crime Crimes on Indian Reservations

Examiner Performing Other Services False Declarations before Grand Jury or Court

Objective of the lawyers firm is to offer a series of specific skills who can interpret and satisfy the needs of customers, in order to provide a service that really knows how to diversify the usual bid of law firms. Continuous and constant professionalism dynamics, high level of computerization of the firm are synonymous of efficiency and timeliness: salient features that provide the high quality of services required by today s businesses and professionals.

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The scope of assistance of the staff focuses on issues such as dismissal, demotion, professional downgrading, judgments for damages, pay differentials, emergency procedures, individual or collective transfers, anti union behavior.

Considerable experience in assisting companies and workers in the contracting allows the firm to deal with consulting expertise, collabouration on projects and contracts for professional services. With even the world of the Italian and foreign companies, we offer specialist advice on employment law and social security law and we guaranteed assistance in the management of assumptions, mandatory notices, preparation of regulations and corporate policies, disciplinary procedures, individual and collective dismissals etc.

We offer assistance in the management of industrial relations with trade unions, in the process of reorganization and corporate restructuring and employment practices of top managers and CEOs. The firm solves problems and issues relating to conciliation procedures, transactions and waivers pursuant to art. 2113 cc, in judicial court, labour and before the commission for conciliation by the relevant Provincial Departments of Labour.

Italy: Then we deal with providing assistance, both administrative and judicial investigation of reports, orders and injunctions issue of payment of inspection bodies and social security, insurance and inspection (INPS, INAIL, SSN, DPL).