Durham Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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Durham Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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Section Procurement and planning: dealing with Administrative Law: skill and discipline in public tenders dispute, expropriation, environment and territory. Civil Law: deals with expertise and support in the contract, reserves and formalization of questions with regard to contracting authorities, and ordinary dispute arbitration, dispute concerning compensation for expropriation and occupation.

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Property Law Computer Law Forestry Law Homicide Financial Institutions

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Extradition Law Biotechnology Law Malpractice Law Sexual Offences Real Estate Law

Shelf Corporation Medication Errors Law Estate Planning And Probate

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Assistance to businesses: Employment Law: deals with classification of personnel, contracts, security and control, conflict management, transactions, settlements in the union or at the Provincial Directorate of the work.

Corporate Law: deals with expertise in the area of establishment of companies and consortia; compilation and deeds of incorporation, shareholder agreements, litigation. Criminal Law: deals with issues raised in support of criminal law, with great attention to the circumstances that can be used in relations with public administrations in relevance to specific regulations in the area of safety and liability pursuant to law 231/2001.

Finally it deals with the Law of Obligations and Contracts. Opposition to tax assessments and administrative penalties. Debt collection. Additional services for businesses: Expertise in finance: debt restructuring and research on funding sources.

drug trafficking criminal solicitor lawyer attorney

Administration and Personnel Management: select the most appropriate contractual solutions to business needs, security and support, payroll processing, collective redundancies, grievances.