Denmark, Arrest of a U.S. Citizen

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Denmark, Arrest of a U.S. Citizen

The law firm has its headquarters in London, with staff across Usa Italy (Rome Lawyers: criminal law, wedding law, civil law, bankruptcy, corporate, financed, international). It offers from more than ten years a legal support, judicial and extrajudicial, in all areas of civil, commercial and corporate law, with particular interest in family and juvenile law.

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The lawyers of our firm are intended to be regarded by their clients as trusted legal consultants.

The firm provides an adequate offer of legal consultancy, in order to allow the customer to gain a greater awareness of the variables that affect the business decisions and using the legal competence as a means of the competitive response.

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To the supervision on action not common in corporate, banking, finance and capital markets is bound a support of foreground in the sectors of tax law, administrative, labour, community and antitrust, public utilities, the regulation of financial assets , of the trusts, copyright and intellectual property.

The firm makes use of legal specialists, experts and businesses in civil disputes, administrative and community, but also in national and international dispute resolution. The firm is particularly qualified in criminal law: technical defence in offense circumstances (committed or suffered), expertise (Rome lawyer) and technical support in the penal provisions directed to the accused (adults and children), immigration rights, technical defence in criminal matters relation to drugs, persons and legal persons offenses, prison law, crimes against person (even offended by the crime), offenses directed at property, criminal knowledge in the medical area, in the area of corporate crimes.