Chester Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

Chester Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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The law firm is actually enhanced in the expertise and legal support. Each type of requirement has an adequate support and is controlled according to the objectives both in the court and in that conflict. Next the various judicial offices, the firm helps individuals and society by showing prompt and accuracy in every duty assignment obtained.

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The firm has logistic resources and professional in Italy, with its headquarters in Rome and an alternative in Madrid, Spain. The experience gained over the years and the professional qualification, learned in both countries, ensures to operate in a qualified both in Italian and Spanish law.

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The work of the firm then expands and develops through both national and international legal activities. The ongoing modernization and the total availability represent the dynamism and the seriousness with which the firm guarantees and deepens every subject of law, bringing support to help its customers on a complete and efficient way.

For illustrative and not exhaustive purposes we can remember: Civil Law, Arbitration, ADR, settlement and pacification, Family Law (division, divorce, child foster care, administration support), Management change, Real estate (purchase, condo, rental), Consumer Help, Employment Law (dimensioning, mobbing, layoffs, undeclared), civil Warranty (traffic accidents, medical prudence, professional sagacity), Debt (out of court, judicial sale, assessment), Due Diligence, Corporate and Commercial Law (articles of incorporation, shareholder agreements, contracts, models pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01., compliance), Trust, Insolvency law (bankruptcy, prior agreement, arrangements for the reorganization of debt), Banking and Finance Law, Tax Law, Antitrust / Competition Authority, intellectual property law.

Law of Cultural Heritage and Landscape (protection of the heritage, expertise sheet), the Automotive Branch (contracts, rent, lease, guarantee for the consumer, shrewdness contract, warranty), Criminal Law, Administrative Law Spanish Law.