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Canterbury Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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Oncology: failure diagnosis of tumors, delay in the execution of therapy in the treatment of tumors. Radiology: incorrect diagnosis of diseases such as cancer or other diseases for which it is important to act quickly (ex. with a speech). Internal Medicine: diseases of misdiagnosis and wrong treatment approach to disease.

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Aesthetic Surgery: the result is not expected by the patient and is mainly due to insufficient competence and professionalism of the doctor who works with often injurious results.

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Dentistry: the lack of a good result that leads the patient with infections that has to wait for a very long waiting lists for performing surgical procedures or examinations important for the health of the citizens.

Outrage of informed consent.

THERE are many cases where the doctor and the medical facility must repay an injury to the patient. If you think you ve suffered a compensable injury, keep reading this page.


For years we talk about the crime of stalking, although it seems that there is still a kind of chaos on the configurability of the offense. An usually oppressive attitudes or otherwise injurious to personal freedom, in hostilities considered "natural" consequences of the end of a love relationship, living together or otherwise on a close relationship.

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So it is not uncommon that the wife harassed by the oppressive ex husband doesn’t become better aware of being stalked: they think instead that they are simply paying the heavy price for the abandonment of the stable conjugal life.

But it is also true that it is not uncommon for a husband to bear bitter claims, threats, constant nagging on economic demands but not only the former wife, overcome by a sort of guilt for having "abandoned" the partner and any children born from the relationship.