Cambridge Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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Cambridge Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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Our expertise is at your service and our work is free for all legal costs as reimbursed by the insurance company. To help people involved in accidents, our firm is able to offer: Calculate Damage to property and repair the cars at affiliated bodies.

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The car is repaired without any advance payment, the costs will be repaid directly by the Insurance Company of the damaged. Physical damage: Determination of personal injury caused by permanent disability and temporary disability due to help of medical experts in our trust.

Assistance to companies: Recovery of economic damages coming from absence of an employee or a partner involved in a car accident and the payment of any other insured event.


The non pecuniary damage and its compensation. The material damage such as organic damage may be compensated, but: How be called the moral damages? Who contact? In which way? What happens when persons suffer moral damages ? Here you can find all the answers to these questions.

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What is the moral? The moral damage is an unfair pain, a sorrow state of mind, such as a lesion of the honor and reputation, loss of love. Italy Under Article 2056 of the Civil Code you can find the moral damage compensation, this must be in accordance with the principle of equity (art. 2056 cc), that is fairly evaluating the damage under the circumstances that have caused.

How can it be fixed? The law firm, explains how the compensation for pain and suffering can only be determined on an equitable way because it is difficult to specify and quantify it. The determination of the clearance is done by the trial judge who must give an account of the criteria used and the congruence with the case.