Bristol Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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Bristol Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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Practice Areas: Public and Private Pensions, Disability, nursing benefit Opposition to the measure of denial; resolution of employment relationship; procedure for dismissal, dismissal of the Appeal.

Compounding treason Child Custody Divorce Law Public Finance Automobile Accidents

Maritime Law Commercial Law Eavesdropping Medical Malpractice

Registration Of Companies Separation Of Church Arrested or detained abroad

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Reintegration in staff or business damages, conduct anti union; mobbing; Drafting non competition agreements and restrictive clauses of the activity; assistance to the employee or the company before the joint committees or commissions to the Provincial Labour, Prosecution and Litigation before the Labour Court.

The labour law is a very special and delicate branch, in the boundless area of law, because it always seeks to preserve and protect the interests of the employee, all too often subjected to unfair conditions of employment, if not irregular.

The cases of labour exploitation in the sector are of a high number, and the figure of a lawyer specializing in labour law is necessary in order to try to stop the progress of corruption situations, abuse, mobbing. Under the labour law we assist our customers, from an employer point of view, the various aspects of the relationship between company and workers, including labour disputes in the courts and conciliation procedures before the special committees set up offices Labour and the trade unions.

The components of the department of labour law dealing regularly: employment contracts for executives and employees, Restrictive Covenants: non competition covenants, terms of minimum durability, etc.. corporate policies, codes on Internet use and e mail, disciplinary codes, business transfers and outsourcing, incentive plans, stock option plans, management of the employment relationship: disciplinary action, transfers, etc.. individual and collective dismissals, workers privacy, legal proceedings negotiations and settlements.