Bradford Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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Bradford Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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REAL PROTECTION: There is a real protection when the judge declared ineffective or annulling the dismissal notice without just cause, just cause or subjective or declaring nullity, orders to the employer (which may be an entrepreneur or not) in the place which deals with the dismissal took place more than 15 employees, to reinstate the worker even then correspond to the employee a salary commensurate with the total remuneration that actually would have expected from the date of dismissal up to the effective reintegration, and to payment of the relevant social security contributions.

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Crimes on Government Reservations Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Radiological Dispersal Devices Domestic Terrorism Immigration Offenses

Trafficking in Counterfeit Goods or Services Cyber Crimes

Aggravated Identity Theft Criminal Forfeiture Transportation of Stolen Vehicles

Unauthorized Removal of Classified Documents Obstruction of Court Orders

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WORK PROJECT: The project worker is self employed (not employed), which carries out its work on behalf of a client, working with it in a coordinated and continuous way. The Leg., in fact, states that all reports of coordinated and continuous to be legitimate must be attributable to a specific project or multiple projects or multiple projects or phases of work of it, determined by the managed client and independently by the employee, depending on the result, regardless of the time taken for the performance of the service.


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ELEMENTS OF QUALIFYING WORK PROJECT: Continued and coordinated collaboration (thus a total absence of the elements of subordination); specific project or program: the project must be identified by the developer and shall consists of a productive activity readily identifiable and functionally linked to a specific end result, then, by program, however, be understood to mean that activity which is not directly attributable to a final result but that is intended to be integrated with other services, employee autonomy in their work and management of the same depending on the result.