Belgium, Detention of a U.k. Citizen

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Belgium, Detention of a U.k. Citizen

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The office operates on a principle: customers undertake to engage the best way to manage the business and the assets estates, taking into consideration the aspect of taxation and that of the company, the corporate and the finance.

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In his capacity as finance consultant and intellectual free business investment, the firm provides services of art advisory (works of art and investment), the protection of individual assets estates by offering valid advices on management (in relation to the insurance sector, finance, insurance, real estate, tax) and capital investments for small and large investors taking care of tax, corporate, industrial, real estate, security, and offering also a useful performance concerning financial, tax, accounting , corporate and business expertise to subjects and corporate entities for their ordinary and extraordinary check (combinations, modifications, withdrawals, market shares etc.)

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The financial consulting is intended as a global management of assets estates, also extended to legal, taxation, inheritance, protection issues. A good conception of the administration of the assets by a total planning greatly appreciated by the clients of the office is to collabourate with a special customer service.

With regard to national and foreign clients, the firm assist them in the consulting of tax aspect (national and foreign) direct and indirect and in the Corporate assistance (born of national and foreign companies, contracts, deeds, etc. ..), taking care of documents and compliances addressed to institutions and public administrations in general (permits, licenses, declarative acts, requests, consultancy to the offices, tax planning, etc. ..).