Bath Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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Bath Drug trafficking solicitor, Criminal Defence

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The firm operates in the area of civil law and out of court; it guaranteed support and advice to private investors in real estate law, condominium and leasing as well as family law, in the various practices of separation and divorce, and inheritance practices.

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Another type of business segment of the firm is that relating to counselling and support offered to businesses for the obligation of contracts, control of commercial litigation and also for the recovery of debts. From some time the firm is also in the area of business addresses court, arbitrations and mediations in the care of the customer court voluntary or mandatory.

Activities of the firm are:

Real estate law

civil Law

Law of succession

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Family law

Law of Leases

Debt Recovery Service

Domiciles / Powers (Courts and Desio Monza)


Assistance in the mediation of the court

The law firm is located in the London and Venice the metropolitan area between Venice, Treviso and Padua, and is composed in order to provide to both corporate clients and private clients, the help, overall support and specialist assistance in each area of law .

The site has several pages of information, provided in a true and correct planning of the firm and the work carried out by its various competent professionals, taking account of confidentiality given by the defender. All our offices are in Venice, Treviso and Rome.