Australia, Arrest of a U.S. Citizen

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Australia, Arrest of a U.S. Citizen

The Labour Law, generally understood, consists of a varied regulation, which is designed to provide protection on different levels, the weakest part of the employment relationship, i.e. the worker, or other persons deemed worthy of protection.

Escaping Custody Escaped Federal Prisoners Fraud Against the Government

Concealment of Assets Flight to Avoid Prosecution or Giving Testimony

False Information and Hoaxes Conspiracy (in matters under FBI jurisdiction)

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Murder by a Federal Prisoner Possession of False Papers to Defraud the US

Sexual Assault DUI DWI on Federal Property Aggravated Sexual Abuse

Sexual Conduct with a Minor Impersonator Making Arrest or Search

The labour law is different to trade union law, labour law and social security law in the strict sense. The right to organize as the position of unions into collective bargaining, the right to strike and the right of assembly etc.

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The labour law strictly regulates the mutual rights and duties of the employee and the employer such as the right to pay, leave, weekly rest etc.. The social security law, then, concerns the protection of persons who are in difficult situations due to the occurrence of events in various ways that harm working capacity, as injuries, sickness, disability, old age, unemployment, compulsory social security.

The rights and obligations of workers and employers are included within labour law. It is regulated in various laws. The most important are the Code of Obligations (individual employment contracts, collective labour agreement, standard employment contract), the Labour Law (general protection of workers, working time and rest, young workers, pregnant women and nursing mothers ) and the law on accident insurance (job security).

The Labour Law is a special branch of law with special protection having regard to the constitutional guarantee that our legal reserve to the worker.

The vastness of the area under review, requires an understanding for leaner, a breakdown by topics:

The first of them cd right of association is the importance that unions play in the employment relationship and the governing collective bargaining for those who participate, each type of working relationship in light of the needs underlying the specific work.

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Employment law governs the rights and mutual duties of the employee and the employer, by adjusting any stage of the employment relationship from its beginning to the pathological stages such as dismissal, paying particular attention to this issue given the underlying interests that are at it tied.